Our Story

Killdeer Distilling began with a pole barn from the ’70s that we looked at and thought, yes, we can kick out the sheep and make a distillery there. We’re still not sure how amused the sheep are about being kicked out of their cozy barn…

Next came the build-out process…

And then our brand-new, 350-gallon still was finally completed and arrived on a giant truck. It was a heck of an install!

And then our brand new boiler needed a home so we built a pad for it.

The sheep still missed their barn so we gave them a rainbow tire to scratch on, which they seem to enjoy.

And somewhere in there were years of memories and then suddenly, or what seemed like ages depending on how you look at things, we were ready to open!

We got our family to help and we put up a sign and our hope is to make some really good hooch that you want to come out and drink!

And then we got kittens and built a deck so you can look out over the pasture while sipping spirits.

Hope to see you soon!
~Kate & Colin